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MELLA SRL - ARSEGO registered office:

Head office is located in Arsego di San Giorgio delle Pertiche (PD) - Veneto Region - Northern Italy.
After the sale of the old plant, here it’s still performed the whole administration and financial business activity.


In Trestina di Città di Castello (PG) - Umbria region - Center Italy - Mella company owns one of the most efficient processing facility.
Annual capacity is up to 15 millions kilos of tobacco (7 tons per hour).

Modern production procedures and techniques together with a high skilled manpower, ensure that our products are created in a full secure environment. Routine checks are carried out by our modern and well-equipped laboratory.

Quality is monitored during the entire Processing:
- Leaf Inspections at Feeding Areas (Manual and Mechanical);
- Moisture Content during Conditioning Process and in the packed final products;
- NTRM (Non-Tobacco Related Material) / Foreign Matter Removal;
- Degradation and Threshing Parameters to obtain uniformity as per Standard or Customer Requirements.

The following tobacco products can be processed:
- Loose Leaf
- Strips
- Scraps
- Fines
- Long / Short / Mixed Stems

This plant is fully certified by the most relevant cigarette manufacturers in the world tobacco industry, and on request we can provide processing and strip blending services for international customers.
Personnel is composed by about 80 experienced workers and a group of 20 dynamic employees and technicians who works in a young and energetic atmosphere.


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