- Be Trustworthy, Ethical and   Responsible

- Enhance Product Quality

- Ensure Customer Satisfaction   with Efficient and Reliable   Services

- Promote GAP

- Control Traceability
  From Seed to Box

- Offer an Extensive
  Choice of Products

- Provide Finest Tobaccos
  on Long-Term basis

- Show passion & commitment

MELLA SRL is one of the ITALIAN largest PRIVATE and INDEPENDENT Tobacco PROCESSING COMPANY in whole Europe.  Owned and managed by the young businessman Guido Mella who grew up in a fifty years old experienced tobacco farmers family.

With passion and established knowledge in crop development and productiveness, MELLA SRL consistently provides top quality tobaccos, increasing its relationship and high cooperation with its valued customers worldwide.

MELLA SRL purchases Green Tobacco with 100% direct contracts with the farmers.

Constantly looking for higher standards and innovation, MELLA SRL process its own tobacco in order to market its portfolio of products globally, with no links to multinational tobacco companies and a very quick decision-making process.

MELLA SRL dedicates its attention to implement the improvement of Good Agricoltural Practises (GAP) in all its tobacco growing areas, encouraging a rational CPA and Fertilizers use, promoting efficient production techniques, and ensuring the use of authentic tobacco varieties.

MELLA SRL is also involved into various Agricoltural Activities as Fruit, Cereals and Tomatoes Coltures, Houseplants and Flowers Growing.