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MELLA SRL originary name was “Agricola d’Arsego”, one of the oldest Italian Tobacco Threshing Factory. The young businessman Guido Mella took over this huge property in 2003, proud to follow and continue his family business activity and starting with new agricultural projects.

Entering the principal gate of MELLA SRL, it seems to deep into an ancient and aristocratic scenario.
The beautiful landscaped garden with stone paths and majestic trees, hides precious corners as the old shed or the small noiseless church.

Even the main offices on the right, hold an old-aged atmosphere with their wooden floors and antique furniture. Old farm implements and modern hardware as computers and printers contribute to create a balanced mix through past and present.The elegant Villa on the left side was once owned by Pugnalin - Valsecchi family , and then by Carnaroli family, who encouraged the use of modern agriculture and the industrial processing of agricultural products.
The building at the northern side, instead, hosted a territorial military hospital managed by the Red Cross during the First World War from 1915 to 1919.  This hospital could host up to one hundred soldiers.

Old view of Mella Srl company in Arsego (PD) Old view of Headquarters and Shed in Arsego (PD) Red Cross Military Hospital - 1915 / 1919 Soldiers at the old Military hospital - 1915 / 1919

Here nowadays is located the old building where once the tobacco factory used to process up to 8 millions kgs of Green tobacco.

Tobacco packed in Juta bales Fermented Burley Display for Customer Visit in Arsego (PD) Cartons prepared for Customer Inspections in Arsego (PD)

In 2008, Guido Mella decides to enlarge his tobacco activity, taking over another Processing Plant located in Trestina di Città di Castello (PG) where up to 15 million kilos of tobacco are processed every year.

Mella main goal is to maintain the traditions began with his old generations, and simultaneously to find new opportunities, to continuously improve and strive to provide the best service to the customers.

Investments and experience together are the key to be unique but competitive on a quality level.