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MELLA SRL headquartered in Arsego (Padova), Veneto Region, Northern Italy, was founded in 2003.

MELLA SRL is the Italian leading independent leaf tobacco grower, processor and merchant. We serve Worldwide market providing a wide range of tobacco products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

Our team is composed by experienced professionals in the tobacco industry. Their knowledge and experience together with research and innovation let us improve ourselves to be more and more competitive and efficient to achieve top quality results.

Company activity involves Growing, Procurement, Processing, Packing and Supply of all varieties of Tobacco Leaf to the major consumer tobacco product manufacturers (Cigarettes, Cigars, Shisha, RYO/MYO, etc...).

MELLA SRL does not manufacture cigarettes or other consumer products.

  Company Profile

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Trestina Threshing Line

Type of Company:

     “Società  Unipersonale”,
     (Mr. Guido Mella is the
     Sole Owner).

Registered Office:

      Arsego (Pd), Italy.


     Trestina (Pg), Italy.


     Growing, Processing and
     Sale of Unmanufactured
     Tobacco products.

Burley Air Curing Final Products Storage / Warehouse Lamina / Strips Processing